Yeah, I’m freeee, free-fallin’




Officially, finally, unbelievably UNmarried!

If you’re thinking of what to say, I suggest CONGRATULATIONS and balloons and high-fives and happy dances.


I filed for divorce almost two years ago. I considered myself single. I got back in shapeΒ to feeling good about my reflection.

I laughed and I wrote and I moved forward.

I got a job. I made friends. I got my daughter and myself insured (another happy dance!)

I told myself having the paperwork signed, sealed, and delivered was just a formality.

That my heart was already unbound seemed to be enough…..


knowing I’m DONE with that whole miserable mistake is like the moment your body goes slightly airborne on a roller coaster and you know the bar across your lap is holding you in, keeping you from harm, and all you feel is your heart and your stomach rising up inside of you and the seat beneath you falling away and the air around you filling and expanding your lungs, to and beyond capacity…

or the way your body starts to spin and shimmy and the hips shake and the feet move and the heat builds and suddenly you’re being spun and spun and spun around a dance floor with the beat of Latin music pounding through you and nothing but music inside you and an arm holding you and catching you and releasing you and steadying spinning steadying…

yeah, it feels something like that.

Free-falling, weightless, breathless,

a little terrified,

a LOT electrified,

completely FREE.

I can’t even really explain how it feels. But just know this, World, it’s time for some major celebrations! So get on your party hats and dresses and clear out your calenders because there’s one more single sexy mama spinning through New York tonight.

And I am so ready to fly!


5 thoughts on “Yeah, I’m freeee, free-fallin’

  1. OMG! I was “officially” divorced on Oct 30, 2012! Like you it took two years. When I opened that envelope I did the happy dance!I felt free the chains fell to the floor! Since living single two years ago, I’ve gotten tattoos, cut my hair the way I wanted,purchased every pretty color bra AND panty set, I sleep in my king sized bed like a queen. Don’t you feel like a new life has begun? I’ve officially started changing the last name on my important documents and affairs. I want NO connection to the last name that came attached to that man!Don’t get me wrong, he was not a horrible person, just a horrible person for me. I never felt like he respected any decision I ever made.Oh the glory what joy. I don’t have to ask, I know what you’re feeling! You’re single and in New York? I am the same. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! I SO ENJOYED THIS ENTRY OF YOURS! Thanks for making my day> Here’s my glassed raised to you!

    • Here’s to the chains falling away and the freedom to be whoever and whatever and the joy joy joy πŸ˜€ Thank you so much for your comment and congratulations on your happy dance-inducing “official” divorce!

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