Working girls and workshops

After leaving the job world with Doctor’s orders to rest during my pregnancy, I became a stay at home, work at home mom, researching and writing and editing during naptimes and after bedtime, while also going through a difficult separation and divorce. To say I was exhausted is putting it very very mildly. I’ve been happy and so lucky to be a constant presence in my child’s life (Thank you again, amazing family support system!) but I also wanted to work.

Then came the B3 Blogging Workshop from Single Edition Media. And in addition, an invitation to join the most important network for single people I’ve seen yet, Single Edition itself! Like a sudden burst of sunshine after a thunderous rainstorm, (forgive the cliche) I was shown a path towards the life I want. As I rushed to get ready and organize what I needed and what Zahara would need for the day, I felt the kind of energy that makes stomachs roll and fingertips buzz. I was amped.

Saturday, April 28th was the first time in 3 years that I have felt like a real working woman!

Scheduling conflicts meant that I had to have a babysitting alternative in place for the day. Instead of my mother who has been a second mom to Zahara since the day she was born, I had to plan ahead and pick someone with both the desire and the capability to watch my little girl. Parents who have to do this regularly, I salute you.

That was the hardest thing. Leaving my daughter anywhere without me is difficult. Maybe it’s a single parent thing or maybe it’s a “I give a damn about my child’s welfare”-every parent kind of thing. I don’t know. I’ve only ever been a single mom. But even leaving Zahara with my parents for a few hours leaves me a little sad and guilty. I had to learn that mommy needs some me-time, too but still, there’s always that nagging little bit of unease.

Fortunately for me (so very fortunately, thank you God) I have a HUGE, extended family living within 20 minutes of me. Finding a reliable caregiver wasn’t ever really about searching, but about picking one of the many who’d be available. So early Saturday morning, I stuffed as many outfit changes and Pull-ups and other necessities in multiple bags as I could packed. I’m sure the Aunt I left Zahara with was laughing at my overzealous preparations and extended explanations of just exactly how my baby had to be dealt with during meals and naps and play. She’s got 3 kids. She knows.

And the child I was so worried about “abandoning” for the day? Turns out, I was the bigger scaredy-cat. She ran to find her “friend”, my cousin who is insanely patient and kind for her young age, and one of Zahara’s favorite people. I admit, the swimming fiasco from a few months ago popped in my head and I imagined having to run out of the blogging conference and hitting midtown New York traffic and running over pedestrians and bike messengers. But thankfully, my family was well prepped and Zahara was well-behaved throughout the day.  :~)


After dropping Zahara off, I drove into New York City, coffee mug in hand, a sense of accomplishment and excitement making said coffee redundant. I felt so good!

Music creating just the right mood, head ready to be filled with blogging know-how, I headed towards my goals.

And the conference? IT WAS PERFECT! A free, one-day workshop bursting with intelligent, inspirational people and speakers who were engaging and informative- what more could I have wanted for my first time? Single Edition‘s Sherri Langburt and Melysa Schmitt made the day fun and worthwhile. I took notes and I took pictures. I ate up the presentations and I gorged on the lunch, snacks, and dessert! (Side note, I took notes with pen and paper and yes, it’s low-tech, but actually writing things down helps me process them so a big fooey to all those who think I’m a cavewoman LOL)

I learned about copyrights and Internet laws, marketing and Public Relations, self-publishing and self-promoting. I networked and met other creative souls eager to share their own experiences and expertise with me. I enjoyed every single moment and I added this new flavor to my own personal masala of life.  :~D

Check out my pics from this amazing event!

  • Ready to learn more about blogging Ready to learn more about blogging
  • My badge My badge
  • What I've been saying! What I've been saying!
  • The image of the lone ranger-type single man, 60 years ago. The image of the lone ranger-type single man, 60 years ago.
  • So delicious So delicious
  • Percentage of people living alone. Desis are LAST! Percentage of people living alone. Desis are LAST!
  • Melysa S. dressed for success Melysa S. dressed for success
  • All smiles as I drive home, pre-NYC ticket (ouch) All smiles as I drive home, pre-NYC ticket (ouch)

You can also see all the official pictures and get a sense of my day. My report is that the workshop was pure awesomeness!! I also need to send a giant THANK YOU to everyone involved: Lord & Taylor for the location and the gift card, The Fresh Diet and popchips for adding so much yum to the day, Silk’n SensEpil for the prettyfying product info, and the sensational speakers, @ACGC @EricKlinenberg@rosecomm @baskingtheglow URBookIsURHook and #johndmason. I gave you links to webpages and Twitter handles because, well, I can’t think of a better way to thank these emissaries of my soon-to-be successful single life!

And to the Single Edition network, thanks for the opportunity to join you and for everything you’ve already taught me. I promise you, I’m going to make your mouth water and your belly happy with what I’m dishing out. Get ready for a sweet and spicy ride together! xoxoxo




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