Pic of the day project 4/1/12-5/6/12

I began this picture project in order to remind myself that even the hardest days are full of beautiful moments that inspire me, strengthen me, and fill me with joy. Whether sweet or silly, these pictures signify my conscious choice to be happy and to appreciate every day. My picture tweets got put on hold for a while when my parents had to be out of town and I was busy with illnesses, events, Zahara’s classes, and all of the daily distractions. But even without my nightly ritual of picking my favorite moment of the day, this project helped get me through that very difficult month. I began it 8 weeks earlier, so by this time I was accustomed to calm my mind and sift through the hardships to the little memories of each day that showed me how truly blessed I was…and still am, thank God. Even though I didn’t put up any pic of the day project posts in April, I was silently still doing it for myself.

The pic of the day project is back! This simple act helps keep me grounded and aware of all the best things in my life :~)

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