Mother’s day 2012

Happy Mother’s day to everyone who is actively a mother to someone, to dads who are both and do it amazingly, to grandmas, and aunts, and friends, and teachers, and everyone who fills that need in a child’s heart: THANK YOU!
And to all who help me be the mother I am, HUGS!!
Since I’m obsessed with celebrating holidays and birthdays and tend to go a little overboard, I decided to bake a cinnamon applesauce cake and a blueberry and cheesecake filled, so yummy my stomach’s literally growling for it, baked French toast!
Today I’m going to eat and eat and eat some more and enjoy the day with my one true love, Zahara! And tomorrow when I’m bloated from all the food I’ll lay around and be lazy and I promise I’ll add the links to the recipes.
If you have a child in your life then join me in doing a happy happy joy joy dance a la ren and stimpy. Then go enjoy the shnizzle out of the day!
Here’s another way I made this day special…Zahara got her first ever girly girl manicure sitting in mommy’s lap, watching as her nails turned a shiny candy-colored pink she had picked out herself!! There was some back and forth between pink and purple and neon orange but my little diva went totally dainty with these cute fingers. I am now imagining countless years ahead spending our days at the spa, massages and mani-pedis and facials and naps and mama-baby bonding! Happy Mother’s Day to me indeed!!! 😀



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