Mistaken Identity

Arrogance is not confidence.

Masculine strength is not defined by selfishness or bullying.

The overbearing quickly become the cruel and intolerable. Love is revealed to be built on a foundation of fear, lies, and subversion.

But out of this chaos, a woman can rise.

People are built of some resistant, renewable energy called spirit and a woman is filled to the brim with it. What we call mothers are the curious creatures that somehow duplicate and double it to form a multifaceted, utterly resistant, endlessly renewable spirit named family.

This can be made up of as many or as few members as there are possibilities in the world, but the one constant is that arrogance, selfishness, bullying, cruelty, and subversion have no place in it.

A woman, a mother, can stand up, envelope the many parts of her spirit in her arms, and protect them from all of that.

A woman, a mother, can apply to job after job, work on projects and campaigns and articles in between diaper changes and meals, and move forward on two legs and one heart that ultimately hold up someone’s universe.

That force of nature can accomplish anything. Even the once unimaginable feat of getting over it, moving on, smiling, laughing, growing confidence and love and strength of her own, until one day the phone rings and the future waits at the other end of the line.

An interview is not necessarily a guarantee, but it is one more step towards a new life.

A case of mistaken identity could make a loser seem to be a lover, and a girl could become the essence of loss. But what emerges is a woman, with all the power and hope and knowledge that that entails. With all the spirit that is needed to build a life.

Fingers crossed, head held high, a woman can do anything.

xoxox to all the women moving forward out there and all the little bits of spirit that make our lives worth it 😉


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