It’s getting hot in here…

Ever notice how the most exciting moments are often the most nerve-wracking? Scared shnizzle-less does not make for a very appealing photo op, but here you go.

What do you think, folks? Scary cute or just scary? LOL

Well, it’s okay that I look shell-shocked there because there is something quite amazing happening to me today. I get the chance to interview the famous Kelly Killoren Bensimon, a former Real Housewife of NYC and former model, who just happens to be an author, editor, and single mom of two as well. Can we say over-achiever? :~)

I’m going to learn how to prettify my outsides and unburden my soul with the new book “I can make you hot! The Supermodel Diet” which is full of recipes and advice on improving your life. I’ll be at an event in the penthouse of the San Carlos Hotel in NYC to promote the book along with my role model of singledom, Mely. Thanks to this superwoman of sexy singles, I’ll also be rubbing elbows at the event with some of the blogging elite, including Single Edition Media, and other reporters ready to meet and greet the lovely, lean Kelly.

I’ve only read an excerpt of the first chapter so far, but oh my God people. She has a plan for you that is much, much more than a typical “diet and exercise program.” The writing is simple, the recipes look yummylicious, and the life lessons are necessary in this cluttered, over-zealous existence most of us are caught up in. I’ve pre-ordered the book and you should, too! My next post will be a recap of the event and my interview, as well as what happens after, when Mely and I are set loose in Manhattan. Look out! :~D

I mentioned a while back that there were some new opportunities coming my way, and today is the beginning of all of that. Like I said, I’m so happy and nervous and kind of creepy in my enthusiasm! LOL But I’m taking a first step into hotness and into the next stage of my life and I’m feeling a confident joy as I do it. Now that is God damn hot!

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