Cyber-dating surprise: Ashton Kutcher on my screen!

This masala-loving single mommy didn’t think it was possible to find true love online. I mean, how can I get to know someone with a bland profile?

What melts my heart most is honesty and humor. But can words and a few glamour shots online really tell me if a guy’s going to make my face hurt from laughing so hard? And how am I, the unable to fit into maximum word limits girl, possibly going to get all the flavors of myself into one tiny paragraph?

Well, people kept telling me to “get back out there” online. Then I discovered a new dating site, World Wide Lovers. You HAVE to check it out. Turns out, they use videos to show a girl like me what a potential match is really like.

And guess what? I’m not the only divorcee on a soulmate cyber-search. Ashton Kutcher’s looking for love at, too!

I didn’t think That 70s superstar would ever need a dating video, but he’s putting himself out there again the same as you and me…totally at the mercy of strangers. (I’m shaking just thinking about it, but Kutcher charms and disarms like second nature.)

When I continued my search for Mr. Right If He Can Make Me ROFL I found this.


Could it be? Is that a Bollywood-

flavored Ashton?! Desi girls

everywhere, commence swooning.


We all knew Ashton was back

on the market, but different kinds of Ashton? Obviously this prince

of parody has showing off all the sides of his personality down to

an artform. If Romeo-Raj doesn’t shine as bright as his blue kurta for you,

one of the other LOL identities definitely will!



Check out Swordfish, the soft-hearted bikerpoet in this hilarious dating video from World Wide Lovers!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by popchips. No request to share any particular point of view was made, including thinking Bollywood Ashton’s dance moves are AWESOME. All opinions expressed here are strictly my own, especially when I tell Raj that I’m “the most delicious thing on the planet.”

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